Martin Ran Restorations LLCA reputable contractor with decades of experience.

Martin Ran Restorations LLC
A reputable contractor with decades of experience.

“We built our company on helping homeowners out!”

Founder and CEO Martin Ran wants to hear from you personally and makes himself available throughout the entire restoration process and after. Drop him a line right now at Martin Ran Restorations LLC He cares about you and your home.

The Storm Damage Restoration Process

Any time a storm damages your home or property, the damage in and of itself can be stressful and disheartening. It can be a sensitive time – let alone the treacherous minefields homeowners must navigate through in the full restoration process. In addition to haggling with insurance companies that never miss a beat when it comes to taking your money, but change their tone when it comes to paying out what you're legally entitled to, homeowners are tasked with finding good quality trustworthy contractors to actually do the work once there finally is an award.

Why not let Martin Ran Restorations LLC take the burden off your shoulders – stress free – and make sure your home is fully restored without all the hassle? We are a phone call away – the first and last call you’ll need to make! Call (937) 247-6637 right now.

We are the company to call in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas, and beyond.

A growing company built on trust and helping homeowners

From decades of reputable experience, Martin Ran Restorations has an intimate understanding of the full storm restoration process – from when the so-called “Act of God” hits your home, to making sure the insurance pays the full amount you are entitled to, to driving in the final nails and leaving the home fully restored and often improved – Martin Ran Restorations specializes in helping homeowners get a fair shake and seeing that their home is FULLY RESTORED STRESS FREE.

We take pride in the satisfaction and relief we've brought to countless homeowners, and you don't have to take our word for it!

When a storm hits your home . . .

When a storm hits and damages your home, Martin Ran Restorations is the company to call. As a reputable and experienced general contractor, Martin Ran Restorations has a proven special ability to help the homeowner.

Instead of the homeowner working with the insurance company by themselves, they can work with our professional team, which will usher you through this often trying time stress free by helping you get the award you are entitled to. As a general contractor, homeowners can authorize Martin Ran Restorations to work directly with their insurance.

We document all the damages and prepare estimates for the insurance companies. Once the payouts are made, we manage all the work using the proper award amount. We retain the professionals who do all the work – each person a reputable specialist in whatever area needs work or repair of the highest quality using the best equipment out there – and we get crews together, making sure everyone is paid and everything is taken care. And we ourselves are insured.

Instead of the homeowner having to do all this by themselves, which is stressful and time-consuming, we take care of all the stress. We take that on ourselves because we have a long history of doing this. We specialize in this. We put everything together, putting all the contractors together and overseeing the entire process and more . . .

If the amounts awarded by the insurance companies are not correct, we as a contractor and Certified Home Inspector, we can correctly document all the damages that the adjuster does not include in the award.

But that’s not it . . .

“Let’s say a customer has an insurance check for a certain amount,” said Founder and CEO Martin Ran. “Say the insurance pays $10,000 or $11,000, but the homeowner finds out they have $20,000 or $30,000 in damages – it truly pays to have us on your side. We have the ability to go back to the insurance company and put in supplements – at no added cost – and get them to pay the correct amount. That’s valuable service I provide, we provide.”

With the proper award, Martin Ran Restorations pays all the contractors and coordinates all the work in a timely manner, overseeing that it is done properly and according to highest quality standards.

If a homeowner has any questions or needs to talk, Martin Ran makes himself personally available, as he takes your needs and your questions to heart. You’ll see he truly cares! We truly care! Our job is not done until you are fully restored. If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy! You’ll never have to deal with a third party that might not put your needs first.

What if the insurance refuses to pay the proper amount to fix the damage?

Working with several public adjusters, Martin Ran Restorations knows insurance law – chapter and verse. What is fair is fair. And what is right is right. We truly realize how hard you work for your home and to pay your insurance premiums. You deserve a fair shake!

Bringing in public adjusters who can argue things that a contractor cannot, Martin Ran Restorations can help homeowners get what they are entitled to by getting adjusters involved in policy and policy limits and what insurance companies are required to pay.

If you get shorted money, we get these public adjusters involved and make sure you get the correct amount of money – more money – for coverage you worked hard to pay for and should be properly compensated for.

It’s a unique service.

Martin Ran Restorations also works closely with appraisers. If the homeowner disagrees with the insurance company’s settlement amount on the scope or cost of damage, the homeowner can evoke the “appraiser clause” in their policy. While the homeowner has to be the one to evoke this clause, we can help.

Bringing in an appraiser is a powerful option many homeowners don’t realize they have; it gives back the homeowner the right to dispute inadequate amounts from their insurance company.

Martin Ran Restoration also helps homeowners through the appraisal process, which is also very important. Many homeowners do not realize they this powerful tool in their policy, nor how to evoke it and what all it entails. When Martin Ran Restorations gets involved and a homeowner evokes this clause, exercising this legal right, it takes the power out of the insurance company’s hands.

“We can bring in an appraiser on behalf of the homeowner and the insurance company has to pay for an appraiser on their behalf,” said Founder and CEO Martin Ran. “The two appraisers have to come together to reach an agreement on the proper amount that the insurance company is legally obligated to pay. We can get them to side with the homeowner.”

We are one simple phone call away – the first and last call you’ll have to make in what can otherwise be a long, tedious, stressful process riffled with inadequate payouts, and sometimes less-than-desirable results. It doesn’t have to be that way! Rest assured! Sit back and watch us work! You’ll be happy you did.

Many of the homeowners we help through the storm restoration process stick with our team long after their properties are fully restored, seeing that we provide affordable high quality renovation work beyond the storm in Dayton & Cincinnati, OH

At Martin Ran Restorations, we’ve seen it time after time: Insurance companies never miss a beat when it comes to taking your money. You live up to your end of the deal every time. However, when it comes time to holding up their end of the deal – and paying out money for coverage you’ve been paying for all along, things can get stressful and tricky rather quickly.

Let us make this process stress free. Rest assured your home will get a fair award. Take comfort in our professionals, who will put all the pieces back together – the way it was before or better.These are just a few of the ways we help homeowners. Call us today to learn about more ways.

Having your home or property damaged by a storm in and of itself can be stressful and disheartening. You’ve worked hard enough! Let us take it from here!Let us take all this stress off your shoulders.Call Martin Ran Restorations Today!

We are the contractor of choice in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati areas. Call (937) 247-6637 now to schedule an appointment. To reach us in Cincinnati, call (513) 436-4245.

Our CEO and Founder Martin Ran III would love to hear from you right now! Drop him a line at … Highly professional restorations with a personal touch!

Although we are working in a large region and we are growing rapidly – we are a family business, founded on faith and blessed by all the rewards that come with helping others! Let us help you!